Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tiny Bubbles (February 23rd, 2008)

Emma Estimates:
  • Weight: 2270 grams or FIVE pounds
  • Feedings: 44cc's over eight bottle feedings with one direct from the source


~ There is a nurse in the NICU that loves giving baths. We know so, because she sings a modified version the song Tiny Bubbles in the sweetest, bubbly (pun-intended) voice while bathing other babies. It took everything in me today, not to sing T iny Bubbles while bathing Emma. Darren and I gave her a bath this morning. This marks another CHECK on the checklist of things to do before we go home!!!

~ After her bath, to warm her up and keep her warmer, Mommy (me) decided to try one of Emma's other outfits with feet. Daddy didn't think this would be a good idea. Well...

Here you see Miss Emma in her lavender onesie before her bath.

And here you see Miss Emma in the outfit she chose after her bath and tantrum, a pink onesie. As soon as we placed Miss Emma's feet in the feet portion of the footsie, she began to cry, well not really cry, more like scream. Nothing would console her. Finally, Daddy grabbed a onesie and with a big smile at Mommy said, "I told you so."

~ Great Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt KK and Uncle Jimmy came for a visit.

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