Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Eight Month Birthday, Miss Emma!

It's hard to believe it's been eight months. And what a wonderful, crazy roller coaster it has been.

This month's milestones:
  • Emma's first tooth appeared as of August 30th. I know that has been a long time, but I have been trying to get the elusive picture. Maybe another day...
  • Emma does not feel it is necessary for her to remain on a blanket or in one place. She rolls where she needs to go, preferably at the edge of the blanket but on the carpet.
  • She is starting to babble a lot more. There is nothing distinguishable, yet. However, the angry babble is certainly too cute.
  • The jumperoo is favorite baby "gear" of the moment.
  • Favorite toys: pink love bug, soft eeyore, a duck that quacks, and dotty the blanket
  • Other cuteness: She had long given up her binky. However, she found a different brand binky and loves to "pop" the binky. Imagine her taking the binky with one hand on each side while it's in her mouth. She then pulls as hard as she can. This results in a "POP" that makes her giggle every time.
I don't have pictures to post. Dial-up connectivity is a little slow. I'll post when I can.

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