Saturday, March 8, 2008

First Doctor's Appt (Well sort of...March 4th, 2008)

Today was Emma's first appointment with her pediatrician. So, that counts (I think) as her first doctor's appointment. Yes, I know, she has seen doctors practically everyday of her life, but this one's outside the hospital.

First things, first, Emma weighs SIX pounds according to Dr. Farella's scales.

Second, Emma received all of three of her two month immunizations. It was really cute. The nurse looked at us and told us to be prepared because the babies generally cry for long periods afterwards. Emma, on the other hand, let out a small cry for each shot and then gave the nurse a glaring stare almost as if she were saying, "That's all... that's it... no more. Oh, I've handled way worse than that lady."

Third, according to Dr. Farella, Emma is to be treated like a regular newborn. She just has a little more experience at being a newborn.

Finally, Emma's next scheduled doctor's appointment is in two months. It seems rather weird to think that after spending almost 7 weeks in the hospital with daily visits from doctors, she can now go that length of time without them. Okay...minor correction... she does have a follow-up eye appointment in two weeks.

Emma in her car seat with monitor

The footsies are getting small


Anita said...

Yeah! Elisa sees Dr. Farella and Dr. Komatani. We've really enjoyed our experiences with them!

Anonymous said...

So, you guys haven't bought her her own cell phone yet! Emma, you can come live with your Golly if you want.

Anonymous said...

Wow 6 pounds, you are doing a great job mommy! She is such a cutie pie!