Sunday, April 12, 2009

Texas Bluebonnets

It wouldn't be Easter without the Texas Bluebonnets. So a Happy Easter to all and please enjoy a Ladybug in the bluebonnets.

Suggestions are now being taken for the official Easter picture. Feel free to comment!!!


Kathy said...

I have to pick just one! She so sweet.

The Lindseys said...

Love the bluebonnet pics! I was in your Bradley Method Class-so much for plans right! I ended up with a c-section after 26.5 hrs of labor-but we got our sweet Maddie Beth-completely worth it. So amazing to see your story and how far you've come. She's beautiful!

Ladybug's Mom said...


Oh, wow!!! Congratulations!!!

I was wondering what became of everyone from the class. I really missed you guys when I couldn't come.

Congratulations as well for making it through 26.5 hours of labor. I would love to see pictures of Maddie Beth.

And thank you, I'm kind of partial to the bluebonnet pictures myself.