Thursday, August 14, 2008

Seven Months...Already....

Happy Seventh Month Birthday Miss Emma!

Accomplishments/milestones of the month:
  • No more preemie formula. Emma has advanced from Similac Neosure to Similac Advance (a regular formula). Yeah!!!!!
  • BACK to TUMMY! Emma can roll from her back to her tummy. She has also discovered that she can do this as she falls asleep and loves sleeping on her tummy. Did I mention she loves sleeping on tummy? If not, she really loves sleeping on her tummy.
  • She's an all-nighter. That is, she sleeps from approx 8 in the evening to 5 in the morning. Thank goodness Daddy is a morning person.
  • She had her first true road trips. We stayed in San Antonio for 4 days 3 nights in the Westin Riverwalk. There she got to spend some valuable time with Great Grandma and Great PoPo.
  • She also spent the night in Waco on another road trip. There she got to spend time with Granny and PawPaw.
  • She has begun solid foods. I'll have some pictures posted later.
  • She has survived her first Tropical Storm (Edouard). She was absolutely smashing and wonderful throughout the day. What can we say? She's a survivor.
  • She has started to giggle and laugh. Hopefully, soon I will have the audio clip for everyone to here.
  • Has fallen in love with her bug (stuffed pink and yellow toy with bell, not pictured) and her beloved Dotty (the polka dot blanket in the majority of pictures.

And now for what everyone is really here for....

pictures, pictures, pictures.

My apologies if you have a slow connection, but you asked for these.

Such a big girl...

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Jenna said...

She is precious!! Glad to hear she is doing so well and getting so big! Good to see and hold her at Waco!