Saturday, April 26, 2008

Growing with Grins and Giggles

Tomorrow (if the weather cooperates) Emma will visit the University of Houston for the first time. We are going to attempt to participate in the March for Babies walk. See link on the right...

However, today when Emma woke up, she was all grins and a giggle.

And just for comparison purposes... This was Miss Emma on March 3rd. Take a look on the tiger in the picture on the left to compare size.

Another illustration of Miss Emma's growth. Emma, yesterday, getting ready for Miss Kim's.

Emma coming home from the hospital on March 1st.

Okay...and Mommy's first attempt at a video. Sorry for the dark picture. But listen closely at about 8 seconds. Then the video stream broke. Let's just say I won't make any money making professional videos in the near or distant future.

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